Tech Comes up Short At Clinton’s Homecoming

The Tech Varsity Football team continued to have a rough go this week at Clinton High School in the Bronx.  However, there were some positive signs that Tech will continue to compete.  Also this weekend, Tech’s JV squad notched a win at home against Clinton.

Clinton’s offense scored first, but Tech was able to mount a long drive that was stopped on a controversial spot on the offense’s first drive.  The Tech defense held Clinton to a three and out on the next series, which then lead to a blocked punt by Terrance Battle, his second of the year, and a recovery by Brian Gill for a touchdown.  Deon Mash added to the scoring with a 14 yard pass from Elijah Rueda at what was thought to be the half.  The refs huddled and placed 1:20 back on the clock.  With the extra time, Clinton was able to complete a long pass for a touchdown and lead at the half.

Early in the third quarter, Tech lost Teshawn Guy, the game captain, with an injured ankle.  The teams went back and forth with Tech scoring once again with a Lawrence Menyah run.   As the fourth quarter wore on, Clinton pulled away and the final was 36-24.  

Tech plays at rival Thomas Jefferson this coming Sunday at noon.

The Tech JV had a strong, comeback victory vs. Clinton on Sunday.  Tech was anchored by Dankwa Amoah-Mensa, whose late TD sealed the victory.Image

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