72nd Annual Brooklyn Tech Football Dinner

The Brooklyn Tech Varsity and Junior Varsity Team were honored on January 9th, 2015 at Sirico’s Catering Hall in Brooklyn. Engineers from past and present were honored throughout the night including the announcement of Elijah Rueda as this years recipient of the Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship.
In addition, Pat Cuzzocrea announced that the scholarship would now be $25k over four years.


Lawrence Menyah was the winner of the most valuable engineer and the 2nd annual Sean Cummings award. Sean Cumming’s son, brother and mother were presented with his #33 jersey by Coach Sam Adewumi and Shon Knox.

In additions to the players, the night was also about honoring the managers and support staff that do so much for the program. Also honored were the alumni and parents, key players in the creation of the football experience at Brooklyn Tech.


Charles Colt was honored for winning his Posse scholarship to Vanderbilt University. Also, Stephon Henry-Rerrie was recognized for his acceptance to MIT.

The dais




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