James Gales & The Princeton Tigers To Play Spring Game in Japan

Legacy bowl pic

The Princeton Tigers will be taking their football team to Japan to play an international football game on March 21, 2015.  James Gales (Tech 2013, Princeton 2017) plays defensive back for the Tigers and should see an expanded role this season.

The following is from the english version of the Kwansei Gakuin website:

KWANSEI GAKUIN UNIVERSITY FIGHTERS has invited PRINCETON UNIVERSITY TIGERS from the USA to Japan in March 2015, to take on the KGU Fighters in the Kwansei Gakuin 125th Anniversary Memorial Game.
Princeton University is always ranked among the elite in the world of College Football, ever since the first football game in the USA, played between Princeton University and Rutgers University.
We have entitled this commemorative game the “LEGACY BOWL”, to honor the proud history and tradition inherited by these two teams – Princeton who began the game of football in the United states, and KG, who have won the Japanese Collegiate Championship an unmatched 27 times.
KG and Princeton have met in the past; they played an Exhibition game in March 2001, which Princeton won 27-25. We are very happy to welcome them again this year.
In 2014 Princeton was placed 4th in the Ivy League in 2014, while KG were Japan’s Collegiate Champions.

85 Princeton [players] will visit Japan for the “LEGACY BOWL”. When coaches and staff are included, our American guests will number 110 people.

KG FIGHTERS – the Japanese college football champions – will be challenging PRINCETON UNIVERSITY TIGERS – a team that represents the best and proudest traditions of American College Football. This challenge will therefore serve to demonstrate the true level of Japanese college football and Kwansei Gakuin hopes that through this game we shall be able to contribute to the development of football in Japan.

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