Brooklyn Tech’s Gill To Play at Ithaca


Brian Gill, the leading tackler in the PSAL in 2014, will be attending Ithaca College in the fall and playing on their football team.  Gill will join Tristan Brown (Tech 2013, Ithaca 2018) as the second Brooklyn Tech player to join the Blue Bombers in the last two years.  Brown rushed for over 500 yards in his freshman year at Ithaca.

Gill will represent New York City in the Empire Challenge football game early this summer.

Every Brooklyn Tech football player in the senior class is on track to attend college next year.  Charles Colt (Posse – Vanderbilt) and Nathaniel Simmons (NYU) have received full academic scholarships. Elijah Rueda is considering Fordham University and Stephan Henry-Rerrie is considering MIT and Princeton.

In addition, Brooklyn Tech currently has four players moving on to play college football next year:

Brian Gill – Ithaca College

Ayinde Pope – LIU – CW Post

Lawrence Menyah – Fordham University

Alpha Gamby – Stony Brook University

Brian Gill (#82) will play at Ithaca College this fall.

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