Clutch Receiver Donovan Ortiz Chooses Alfred

Photo by An Rong Xu Donovan Ortiz


Donovan Ortiz caught a pass late in the 4th Quarter of the Boys & Girls game that wasn’t meant for him.  Lawrence Menyah and Alpha Gamby were covered, so QB Elijah Rueda threw to Ortiz for what would set up a game winning TD.  A four year football player at Brooklyn Tech, Ortiz will move on to Alfred University in the fall and play receiver for their football team.

Donovan’s longest catch of the year came against Canarsie; a 67 yard touchdown in a 21-20 win for the Engineers.  A gritty player of small stature (5’5, 140), Ortiz is also a Baseball player at Brooklyn Tech.

Ortiz is the fifth player from the Class of 2015 slated to play football in college next year.

boys high_3
Photo by Mr. Kamornik


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