Annual SpringFest Ends Spring Practice for 2015


SpringFest, the annual culmination of the spring practice season, is a tradition that was started in 2010.  Since that time, players and the school community have celebrated the end of the year with activities for all, the announcement of the winner of Tech’s Off-season competition, and the announcement players travelling to the Joe Namath Football Camp in July.  In addition, it is an opportunity for incoming freshman to come down and meet the current players and coaches before summer activities begin.

The OFC15, also known as the Off-Season Competition, has all vested members of the team split into four squads (Alpha, Beta, Charlie & Delta).  Captains are selected and teams are drafted.  The teams compete from April-June in competitive activities, team grade point average, increases in the weight room, and attendance.  The OFC always ends with a tug-of war at SpringFest. Delta (captained by Sean Flynn & John Hemminger) was this year’s winner.  As a prize, the team will get have a cookout/BBQ.


Jack Ferriola, Anthony Villegas and Paul Thomas were announced as scholarship winners to Joe Namath Football Camp in Danbury, CT.  The camp takes place from July 13-16 and it is the seventh year that the camp has given Brooklyn Tech football players the opportunity to attend.

Paul, Jack, Anthony JNFC
Left to right: RB/LB Jack Ferriola (2017), OL/DL Paul Thomas (2016) and WR/DB Anthony Villegas (2016) will attend Joe Namath Football Camp in July.

Seven incoming freshman came down to meet with Coach Adewumi and the junior varsity staff.  Current players will be weight training and attending camps throughout June.  Organized team activities will resume with Big Apple in July.

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