We are Brooklyn Tech Football – Part 1 – Player Safety

tackling drill

Brooklyn Tech Football is committed to player safety.

For that reason, our football program has decided to implement several programs and initiatives, with our partners and supporters from both inside and outside our school community, which are focused on increasing player safety.

Brooklyn Tech Football will expand its partnership with SUNY Downstate Hospital this season and be a part of their Impact program. This Impact program will take baseline cognitive data, similar to the NFL protocol, and will use it to determine whether any of the student-athletes has suffered a concussion.  By comparing data taken following a head injury to baseline data, doctors will have a clear idea of which protocol is necessary for recovery.  In addition to the baseline testing, the student-athletes will have access to a free post-game clinic that will provide medical services and observation.  The program will be coordinated by Dr. Mark Rodman and Brooklyn Tech alum Dr. Christine Persaud.

Our football team will be equipped this season with Guardian Caps during full contact drills.  The Guardian Caps were developed to reduce the impact of unintentional head contact.  The purchase of the Guardian Caps was made possible by a generous faculty grant given by the Brooklyn Tech Alumni Association and the Brooklyn Tech Parent Teacher Association.

The team will be doing a great deal of its technique training for tackling using the unique new Shadowman Tackling system. The Shadowman Tackling system allows the user to tackle a moving target, something that has not really been possible with equipment of its kind.  The purchase of the Shadowman was made possible with a grant provided by the Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship Foundation.  The AJC Scholarship Foundation also provides a $25k scholarship to a Brooklyn Tech senior football player each year.

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Sam Adewumi is the player safety coach (PSC) for the Brooklyn Tech Football program.  He has participated in the USA Football course training in Heads Up tackling.  Several of the Tech coaching staff are members of USA Football and have participated in their online training workshops.  We appreciate the continued support of the New York Jets and USA Football for their generous equipment grant that enabled us to update fourteen sets of shoulder pads.

On the horizon, we are in talks with a university in New England about the possibility of participating in their research on tackling technique in an effort to further our resources available to prevent injuries.  The implementation of these programs represents our commitment to creating a safe and structured environment for our student-athletes to gain all of the positive aspects of participating in football and the experience of being a Brooklyn Tech football player.

{This is Part 1 of “We are Brooklyn Tech Football”, a series of articles explaining the scope of our football program}

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