News and Notes: Shabana & Murphy Named to Brooklyn 44 Team, The Coach’s Show Episode 20 Later this week

Amani Murphy (22) and Mahmoud Shabana (56) have been named to the Brooklyn 44 Team and will be playing the Reilly Classic All-Star game.           PC: A. Kamornik

Shabana & Murphy Named to All-Star Team

Brooklyn Tech will have two representatives in the upcoming Reilly Classic All-Star Game on December 12, 2015.  The game is named after Dick Reilly, longtime coach at Sheepshead Bay High School, and will be played at Lincoln High School at 2pm.  The game will include all-stars from throughout Brooklyn, all of which have been named to The Brooklyn 44 team, recognized for their performance this past season.

Mahmoud Shabana finished the season with 31 tackles and 1 sack and will play defensive line in the game.  Amani Murphy, a running back and linebacker, finished the season with 540 yards rushing, 10 receptions, 34 tackles and 2 sacks.  Murphy will play linebacker in the game.

The Coach’s Show – Episode 20 – Later This Week

Coach McKenna will speak with Cassandra Giraldo, the photographer from Fort Greene behind The Afterschool Project, on the next episode of the podcast.  This week’s program will mark the 20th episode of the show, which began in June of 2015.




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