As Vesting Continues, Team Captains Named Early

It is traditionally not until late August that the Brooklyn Tech Football program names captains.  However, four players have shown, through action and deed, that they are ready to lead this team in the 2016 season.

John Hemminger (47) will be a captain for the second time as a member of the Brooklyn Tech varsity football team.

Paul Pianin, Peter Henderson, and John Hemminger (Tech Class of 2017) have all started and contributed on the varsity since their sophomore seasons.  These three, along with returning starter at QB Michael Marcovici (Tech Class of 2018), will be the captains and the leaders of Brooklyn Tech Football’s Leadership Council.  The Leadership Council is made up representatives from each grade within the program. The council works with the coaching staff to make program decisions and develop servant leaders.

photo 2
(left to Right) Charlie Colt, Mamoud Shabana, Peter Henderson, Paul Pianin, and John Hemminger participate in community service in 2014.  

It should come as no surprise to anyone that has been following program for the last few years that these young men would be selected for this honor.  All of the captains carry grade point averages over 90% and are looking to play college football following their time at Brooklyn Tech.  They are tremendous individuals that are constantly pushing their teammates to strive for excellence.


Captain Michael Marcovici has been a member of the varsity football team since the end of his freshman year.  PC: Haijun Ramundos

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