Brooklyn Tech Football Vesting Day is April 1st

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In 2012, in an effort to create a measurable way to track accountability, Brooklyn Tech Football began the Vesting Period.  In the early days of Vesting, players were required to perform 4 hours of Community Service and log 60 hours in the weight room between January 20th and April 1st in order to be “Vested” into the program. When Vested, players received three patches, one for each of their jerseys and one to do with as they pleased. Once Vested, players were eligible to become “Elite” .  Elite players in 2012 received three Elite patches and a personalized sweatsuit if they were able to double their weight room hours, have a stellar record with the Dean’s office and did not fail any classes.
As the years have progressed, the  requirements for Vesting have evolved. Currently, players must still log 60 hours in the weight room, but must also complete a curriculum of ten Developmental credits in leadership, community service, football education, film study, and other criteria.  If they have fulfilled the criteria for vesting, they are then eligible to become “Elevated” for showing tremendous effort and determination.  Players now must be elevated in order to be eligible for Elite status.  Ultimately, the Elite players are chosen from those that are elevated and announced on the last night of training camp.
Those that are not Vested, but are close, are placed on Vesting probation through the end of spring football.  Players that have not been accountable to the team and failed to fulfill the requirements for Vesting are cut on April 1st.
On March 31st, players will hand in their applications for Vesting, complete with proof of community service and the specific developmental credits that they have completed.
We believe that accountability is key to a strong football program.  Through the Vesting program, we seek to measure the potential for players to be a contributing factor to the success we will have in the season ahead.  When our players look to the person on either side of them, they will know that they can depend on that person because they are Vested in this football program.
Vesting Day is Friday April 1, 2016.

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