We Are Brooklyn Tech Football 2016 – Player Safety & Servant Leadership

IMG_9975We have reached the time of year when many players and families are preparing for the upcoming football season and some others are deciding whether to have their child join the team.  Each year, in order to let new parents and incoming students know and understand the aspects of our program, we have created articles that explain our commitment to player safety and our mission of creating servant leaders that give back to their communities and are prepared to attend and prosper at elite universities.
Many of the aspects of our program can be found in last year’s posts. (see below)  At this time, we would like to update some of the initiatives that started last year and introduce some new aspects that will begin this year.
We will be continuing our relationship with SUNY Downstate Hospital this season beginning with the free physicals for student-athletes this past May, baseline concussion testing for all players in the program and an in-school clinic once a week to assess player injuries.  Dr. Christine Persaud, a Brooklyn Tech alumni, will continue to help us to manage and diagnose player injuries and prescribe treatment.  Dr. Persaud also oversees any return to play protocol stemming from suspected concussions. We appreciate all of the great work she does with our student athletes.
In addition, we will have an Athletic Trainer (ATC) at practice throughout the week.  The trainers have been provided to the PSAL through a generous grant from the NY Giants.  Our athletic trainer will also a part of the SUNY Downstate medical team and will be working in conjunction with Dr. Persaud and the injury clinic at SUNY Downstate. Players will continue to have access to Leslie Dreifus (DC) and Robin Wieder (DC) for treatment of and evaluation of injuries.
boys high_5
We will also be continuing with the use of the Shadowman tackling system to teach proper tackling with less contact.  Our USA Football Player Safety Coach (PSC), Sam Adewumi, will continue to bring us the most innovative techniques in safe and proper tackling.  In addition, we will continue to use Guardian Caps to further protect our players during practices with contact.  All of our football helmets are reconditioned each year and are retired and replaced when they are 10 years old. Through the generosity of USA Football, we have been able to purchase a great deal of new equipment from grants they have given us.
We have looked for even more ways to have safer tackling by using resources created by the University of New Hampshire’s Sport Science Department.  By looking at every aspect that we can to make our practices safer, we hope to move forward with our mission of creating the best high school football experience in the country.
One of the greatest benefits that young people get from Brooklyn Tech football is the camaraderie and brotherhood of being involved in something bigger than themselves, with a legacy that dates back to 1922.  This also resonates in what we do within our school community, the neighborhoods our diverse team lives in and the community of Fort Greene.  Our commitment to servant leadership and community service is shown through the hard work our team puts in year round. Throughout the summer, many of our players have gone over and above their community service requirements and will do so all the up to the start of training camp.  Peter Henderson and John Hemminger, both captains, participated in the Student-Athlete Leadership Council put together by our athletic department.  We hope to expand our efforts in the community this year by getting out to neighborhood elementary schools and partnering with other community groups in the process.
We are excited to begin another season at Brooklyn Tech and are thankful to all the support we receive from parents and alumni.  We will be steadfast in our commitment to player safety and active in our community both this year and in years to come.

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