40th Annual Liftathon To Take Place At Homecoming

The longest running fund-raiser in the Brooklyn Tech Football program, the annual Liftathon, will take place this year on Saturday April 1st. The liftathon will take place during Brooklyn Tech’s Homecoming Festivities from 1pm-4pm, with portions appearing on the internet throughout the day.
Players are currently collecting pledges for the maximum lift in the squat.  On April 1st, the players will execute their max with a few players looking to hit 500 pounds.  In addition, the squat may bring several players into the 1000 Pound Club, which is a combined 1000 pounds in the squat, bench and power clean.  The players have made tremendous gains so far this off-season, under the tutelage of Coach Malcolm Davis and Jerome Brown.
We will also unveil our new football strength & conditioning records board.  The Board will include not only current record holders in the squat, clean and bench, but also All-Time record holders throughout Brooklyn Tech Football history.
April 1st is also Vesting Day. On Vesting Day, players that have achieved the vesting requirements are officially placed on the team.
Please join us in-person or on-line for our Annual Liftathon.  If you would like to donate to the event, please go to our team page on Flipgive.com.  Flipgive gives people the opportunity to donate directly to sports programs and also shop some of their favorite on-line stores and have a portion of their purchase donated to the their team. To visit our page, click here

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