40th Liftathon Rocks Homecoming

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The 40th Brooklyn Tech Football Lift-a-thon took place this past Saturday during Homecoming.  The event went non-stop from 1pm through 4pm and was attended by parents, alumni, and students.  Our new Strength and Conditioning Board was revealed and quickly had some records added to it as the players grinded through the afternoon. The liftathon kicked off a week of maxes for the team.

Highlights of the day included 150 lb RB/DB Alexander Gardner squatting 355 lb, Shafia Langford squatting 520 lb and Alistair Francisco squatting 530 lb.  Many players were able to break their personal records and “ring the bell” symbolizing the accomplishment.  In fact, so many rang the bell that it will need to be replaced.FullSizeRender (6)


If you would like to donate to the liftathon, it is not too late.  Go to our Flipgive page at:


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