Brooklyn Tech Football Takes On Mount Taurus


In 2013, the Brooklyn Tech Football team climbed Mount Taurus in Cold Spring, NY as part of the off-season conditioning program.  This past Saturday, they did it again.

The idea for the team mountain climb was inspired by the Drake University Football team when they went to Africa and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.

PC: Malcolm Davis
The climb was a great chance for the players to conquer a task together and also get to know each other a little better along the way.  In addition to the 50 players that made the journey, there were also coaches and parents that took on the challenge.  The complete hike was approximately 7 miles, with 2.5 being uphill.

Players navigated the terrain well and stopped at the summit of the mountain to take photos and eat lunch.  The team made its way back to Brooklyn at 330pm.  Vested players were patched in at the table top, celebrating the first stage of accountability for the football program.  Vested players have put in over 80 hours in the weight room in 2017, as well as, community service and other requirements. Special Thanks to parents Jack Lee, Jon Lee and Richard Fiore, and Coaches Davis, Brown, Williams, Pugh and Adam DiBenedetto, for making the trip.  Laszlo McKenna, who is 7 years old, finished the entire climb with the team.

Thanks to the Adam J. Cirillo Foundation for help with transportation and Baker’s Dozen Bagels in Greenpoint for providing food.

(Photos below PC: Malcolm Davis)

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