Brooklyn Tech Football Visits Middle Schools with the BYU Football Team

17FTB More2Life Harlem 0990.CR2
BYU, Brooklyn Tech and the students and teachers of MS 113.
The football team from Brigham Young University recently visited New York City to honor the community service work of their former head coach, the late LaVell Edwards, who passed away in December of 2016.  The More2Life foundation, the BYU football program and the Brooklyn Tech Football program visited MS 113 and JHS 383 on April 28th and put on a life-skills workshop with the middle school students.

Coach Adewumi, Andrew Jimenez, Alexander Gardner, Alistair Francisco, Roman Vasyltsiv and the BYU Football Team at JHS 383.
At MS 113, Coach McKenna, Shafia Langford, Joshua Yam, Michael Marcovici and Sebastian Garcia accompanied the BYU players and coaches.  A highlight of the morning was listening to 1990 Heisman Trophy winner and former BYU QB Ty Detmer (now the Cougars Offensive Coordinator)  talk about the commitment of BYU football players to the honor code of the school.  The group also heard from current QB Tanner Mangum about his work ethic.

17FTB More2Life Harlem 0811.CR2
Former BYU QB Ty Detmer speaking at MS 113. Detmer played in the NFL for 14 seasons.

17FTB More2Life Harlem 0556.CR2
BYU QB Tanner Mangum answers questions at MS 113.
Another group of BYU players and coaches visited JHS 383 with Coach Sam Adewumi, Andrew Jimenez,  Alexander Gardner, Alistair Francisco, and Roman Vasyltsiv.  Following the day of service with the middle schools, the BYU Football contingent took in a Yankee game in the Bronx.

17FTB More2Life Harlem 0608.CR2
Shafia Langford and Joshua Yam take part in the assembly at MS 113.

On the following day, the BYU Coaches and players visited the Harlem Jets Youth Football program and put on a skills clinic.

17FTB More2Life Harlem 2233.CR2

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