Tristan Brown talks about his Brooklyn Tech Football Experience

Tristan Brown
PC: Caitie Ihrig / The Ithacan
Tristan Brown graduated from Brooklyn Tech in 2014.  As a three year varsity player, Tristan started for three years at Strong Safety and two years at Running Back.  Tristan was named Captain during his senior season and was named to the Brooklyn 44 team.
In 2014, Tristan was selected for the Adam J. Cirillo Scholarship.
Tristan Brown has gone on to have a great career as a Running Back for Ithaca College.
In early May, Tristan was named Captain of the Ithaca team, prior to his season season. As his pre-season approaches, we had a chance to ask Tristan about how his experience at Tech helped prepare him for college.
What was your experience as a Brooklyn tech football player like and how did it prepare you for a transition to college and college football?
My experience as a Brooklyn tech football player was unforgettable. High school football was my first time playing organized football. I had a blast from my first practice to my last senior game. Tech football absolutely prepared me for college football in more ways than one. For starters I was almost always the smallest person on the field and I had to learn quickly that what I lacked in size I had to make up in skill. This mindset stayed with me as I moved into college and the players got bigger. Tech football made me realize how much harder I needed to work on and off the field to excel as a football player. The transition to college football honestly wasn’t too bad because of how prepared I felt tech made me.
What advice would you give to tech football players that wish to play in college ? 
Don’t be committed to the big Division 1 schools. If you truly want to play college football, there are plenty of places you can go and have the time of your life. I had never heard of Ithaca college before Coach Mac set up the meeting, and I have no regrets. Visit schools and keep your options open. You would be surprised how much schools have to offer you.
What are your post college plans? 
After college I plan on pursuing business marketing preferably in the sports field.
What is your fondest memory as a tech football player?
 My fondest memory as a tech football player is senior camp. Theres something special about being removed from the outside world and spending a few days with just your teammates/ closest friends and football. Senior camp is also just a culmination of the 4 years or however many years you put in. I remember the last night of camp and just reflecting on how far I came and how much tech football has done for me.
Ithaca College opens up on at home on September 2nd against Alfred University.

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