Shop two Tech Football Flash Stores Through July 13


Brooklyn Tech Football has two flash stores open for a limited time.  The stores offer team apparel, performance gear and replica jerseys.  All team apparel is acceptable for physical education preparedness at Brooklyn Tech when school starts in September.


There are two separate stores available offering different items.  Our Team store can be accessed by going to and typing in the access code BTHSFB17.  Our team store features t-shirts, quarter-zips, hoodies, shorts and other items.  Our ELITE store can be accessed from the same place using the access code ELITE.  This store features performance gear and replica jerseys*, personalized to your favorite player from today or years past.

These items are only available for a limited time.  Team store is open from 7/3-7/13  and ELITE store is open from 6/30-7/12.  These items will ship DIRECTLY TO BUYER.  Most items should be delivered just in time to wear for the season.  Please support us in this fundraiser as we prepare to take on New York City this fall.

*Please note: Replica and performance items are not Under Armour.

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