Twenty-Seven Players Named to the Fall Football Honor Roll


In the first semester of the 2017 school year, arguably the most difficult for a football player, twenty-seven football players had an average of eighty-five or over. All STEM student-athletes with an average over 90 were placed on the Brooklyn Tech Football Fall 2017 Team Academic Honor Roll.  Those with an average of 85-89 were placed on the Honorable Mention list.  The list includes 16 Juniors, 3 Sophomores, and 8 Freshmen.  Those named to the Honor Roll (including Honorable Mention) will receive one of the Rocketbook Everlast notebooks that the program recently acquired through a Donor’s Choose campaign.  The Rocketbook will aid in the both the athletic and academic education of the students.  A special thanks to all those that contributed to the campaign.

Brooklyn Tech Football 2017 Team Academic Honor Roll:

Rank First Name Last Name Transcript GPA Year
1 Ethan Lee 99.04 Junior
2 Christopher Mertiri 97.44 Junior
3 Koby Lee 96.47 Junior
4 Eden Gardner 96.25 Freshman
5 Ryan O’Neal 95.8 Junior
6 Mitro Mertiri 95.42 Junior
7 Miles Spencer 94.6 Junior
8 Shane Noel 94.11 Freshman
9 Charles Snajdr 93.65 Freshman
10 Nerdvens Moreau 91.91 Sophomore
11 Dario Arazi 91.46 Junior
12 Sheam Bhuiyan 90.73 Junior
13 Lyle Lucas 90.62 Freshman
14 Christopher Cichon 89.85 Junior
15 Rui You 89.84 Junior
16 David Matta 89.72 Freshman

Honorable Mention:

17 Jacky Lin 89.17 Junior
18 Ajay Kumar 88.62 Junior
19 Sankofa Riddle 88.46 Junior
20 Daniel Rocabado 87.92 Junior
21 Michael Sternbach 86.88 Junior
22 Farhad Dewan 86.65 Freshman
23 Gurjot Singh 86.62 Sophomore
24 Miandad Bhuiyan 86.03 Junior
25 Louis Russo 85.27 Sophomore
26 Trent Rodriquez 85.06 Freshman
27 Maximus Czernisz 85 Freshman

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